Important Covid Update from Piedmont Family Practice and The Community Wide Covid Screening Task Force

First, I’d like to thank our community friends and patients that have donated time, supplies, made masks, and given extra supplies such as gloves, masks, etc. The generosity of our community has been inspiring.

The newest update is a collaborative effort of the Rappahannock-Rapidan Virginia Department of Health, Fauquier Hospital, and the Fauquier County and Town Governments, The Path Foundation, and local physicians.

Piedmont Urgent Care is providing Curbside Covid Testing for the patients of the Rappahannock-Rapidan Health Department Service District, especially for the patients of Fauquier and Rappahannock Counties who do not have access to community testing. This is being offered to all residents of this service district through all Physicians and Providers in this area. We thought it best to centralize our limited resources in a facility that offers extended hours- Piedmont Urgent Care. The hours of operation for Curbside Covid 19 testing are between 8 AM and 7 PM.

We have been able to obtain or have a commitment for over 250 swabs from the 3 major national labs- Sunrise Medical Labs, LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics. These swabs are dedicated to community wide screening for Covid disease – the illness caused by the Coronavirus. The screening is intended for symptomatic patients that have been prescreened by their medical provider. So, what does this mean? If a patient has symptoms possibly compatible with Covid disease, they should call their provider for possible screening with a nasal pharyngeal or oral pharyngeal swab to see if they have the disease. What are the symptoms compatible with Covid 19 disease? Sudden onset of profound fatigue, fever, headache, cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches, generally a flu -like illness; Nausea, sometimes vomiting or diarrhea can be part of the illness, especially in children. It is important to remember many patients may have disease and be mildly affected or asymptomatic and still be capable of transmitting the disease.

So how do you get screened? First- call your provider and they will screen to see if you fit the testing criteria developed by our regional health department officials. If you do, they will schedule you an appointment for curbside testing at Piedmont Urgent Care. Please show up on time. When you arrive, call the phone number provided to you to let the staff know you have arrived. If you lost or were not given a phone number, the number is posted on the front door. A nurse will come out and greet you. She will take your order, demographic information including contact information, and insurance information if you have insurance. You do not need insurance to have this testing. She will perform the testing in your car. You will be given prepared information that gives instruction how to remain isolated until the tests results return. Your provider will be able to interpret the results for you and tell you what you should do once the results are received. Unfortunately, due to the enormous national demand, the turnaround time can be 2 to 10 days. It is imperative to remain isolated during this time. If you become sicker during this time- call your provider to see if you should be seen or sent to the ER.

Once the results return, we will notify both you and your provider. If you do not hear of your results withing 10 days, please call the Urgent Care and inquire of your results.

If you have not been screened, or have forgotten your orders, screening is still possible through Piedmont Urgent Care.

We are excited to initiate this program. It is important to realize however this is only one part of a program to defeat the Coronavirus that includes social distancing, staying at home, wearing masks, frequent handwashing, etc.

Steven von Elten,M.D.

Members and Contributors of the Coronavirus Community Task Force.

Wade Kartchner, M.D. Rappahannock-Rapidan VDH

April Achter, MPH. Rappahannock-Rapidan VDH

Kathy Hatter, Rappahannock-Rapidan VDH

Paul McCulla, Fauquier County Administrator

Brandie Schaeffer, Town of Warrenton

Chad Melton, CEO, The Fauquier Hospital

Will Aycock, Assistant Administrator, The Fauquier Hospital

Christy Connolly, PATH Foundation

Michael Jenks, M.D. Virginia Emergency Medical Associates

Steven von Elten, M.D. Piedmont Family Practice

Josh Jakum, M.D. Piedmont Pediatrics

Diana Chalmettta, M.D. Piedmont Pediatrics

Rob Marino, Director Free Clinic

Commercial Laboratories

Special Thanks and Appreciation:

Sunrise Medical Labs


Quest Medical lab