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Common FAQ's

Common FAQ Questions

This is a licensed healthcare provider who has received specialized training in obesity medicine. There is currently only 1 obesity medicine certified physician for every 100,000 patients.

Our entire program is evidence based. Our recommendations and guidelines are based on scientific research. This ensures that your treatment is both safe and effective.

We know that everyone has different needs. If you have 100 pounds or 10 pounds to lose, we will help customize a plan to help aid in meeting your goal. We apply the 4 pillars of Obesity Medicine (Nutrition, Physical Activity, Emotional Well-being, and Medical) when evaluating and developing a plan for you. While all people may benefit from nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle counseling, some people find better success with the addition of weight loss medications and some may have to consider bariatric surgery. We will always keep your best interest in mind.

The amount and speed of weight loss depends on the patient. Once you reach your goal, we will help you keep the weight off.

There are medications that can be used if needed. These medications are evidence based and have undergone numerous studies in safety and efficacy. Weight loss medications will be prescribed based on individual need.

Most major insurance plans cover physician visits. Metabolic testing is also covered by major insurance plans.

  • It is not uncommon to experience some weight gain after bariatric surgery. A patient who has a history of bariatric surgery has special nutritional requirements. It is important to follow up long term with a bariatrician especially if they are experiencing weight regain or nutritional problems after their surgery.

After your 1st visit, we suggest that you return on a monthly basis to monitor your progress, work through hurdles, and make adjustments as needed. Once you have reached your goal weight, we will likely start spreading out your visits.


November 9, 2023, we will open at 1pm due to a software upgrade. If possible, please hold routine calls until the next day.

Urgent Care will be open 8-8 on the 9th, however due to the upgrade please pay your co-pays for this day with cash or checks.

We will be getting a new patient portal which will go live on the 15th.  If we have your email, you will get an automatic invite.  The old portal will no longer be active.

Our phone systems are up again. Please call us at:

Piedmont Family Practice – 540-347-4400
Bariatric Center – 540-341-1728
Urgent Care – 540-347-5200

Please listen to the options before selecting your choice. This will help us to be more efficient.