Pre-operative & Post-operative Physical Therapy

Learn how Piedmont Family Practice Physical Therapy can help with Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Physical Therapy below:

Pre-operative (pre-op) Physical Therapy

Pre-operative physical therapy (also known as “prehabilitation” and “pre-hab”) entails hands-on manual therapy treatments that can help make the post-surgical rehabilitation process easier than for those who do not receive physical therapy before surgery. It can help improve physical function and mobility, strengthen muscles and surrounding tissues, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, as well as improve balance and coordination before surgery and while rehabilitating afterward. During pre-operative physical therapy, your therapist will also educate you on the correct use of assistive devices you may be using now and the ones you may need after your surgery.
Pre-op physical therapy will help strengthen your muscles ahead of time, which will start the rehabilitative process ahead of time. People who participate in pre-op physical therapy tend to regain function more quickly following surgery, compared to those who do not have a pre-op program. It is recommended that patients begin pre-op physical therapy about a month prior to surgery. Be sure to participate in any home exercise programs, if prescribed by your physical therapist. If you have questions about pre-operative physical therapy or any of the home exercises, please call us at (540)359-8000.

Post-operative (post-op) Physical Therapy

Post-operative physical therapy entails hands-on manual therapy treatments and, typically, home exercise programs designed to help post-operative patients recover from surgery. Surgeons routinely refer post-surgical patients to our physical therapists to help them recover strength, function and mobility in the surgical site, as quickly as possible.
Our therapists provide one-on-one, evidence-based physical therapy treatment sessions to help facilitate your recovery and return to activities of daily living (ADLs), work, recreational activities, and even competitive sports. The post-surgical physical therapy program recommended for you will depend on the injury and type of surgery.

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