Return to sports program​

Returning to sport can be different for each individual athlete, depending on the sport and the level of participation the athlete aims to return to. It is suggested to be a continuum comprising of:

  1. Return to participation – the athlete may be participating in rehabilitation or sport but at a level lower than the desired goal, but not yet “ready” medically, physically and/or psychologically.
  2. Return to sport – the athlete has returned to sport, but not at his or her target level of performance.
  3. Return to performance – the athlete has returned to his or her sport and is performing at or better than pre-injury level.

Piedmont PT postulated on the various factors that must be addressed when the decision is made for an athlete to return to playing sport. These are:

  1. The safety of the player
  2. The potential risk to the safety of the other members of the team
  3. The functional capabilities of the player
  4. The functional requirements of the sport being played
  5. Regulations of varied institutions which govern the return of an injured player to sport

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